Monday, July 24, 2006

Search Engine Optimization Tools

In this post , i will write about the various tools out there that are very useful for Search Engine Opmtimization. I've researched different websites across the internet and then compiled the best tools that i found really beneficial while implimenting SEO strategies for myself and others.

I've also enclosed a definition of the tool and the link where it can be found so that you can put it to your everyday SEO consulting use as well.

Advanced Meta Tags Generator

The advanced Meta Tags generator helps you by prompting you the best meta tags to be applied on your website based on your inputs.

Alexa Rank Tool

This tool allows you to check the traffic that various sites are getting. You can compare traffic on two or more sites using this tool.

Class C Checker

The Class C Checker tool allows you to check whether some sites are hosted on the same Class C IP Range.This is useful when you are trying to get into link building which is a very important component for high Search Engine Rankings.

Code to Text Ratio

The Code to Text Ratio represents the percentage of actual text in a web page. The content ratio tool extracts the text from paragraphs and the anchor text from HTML code and calculates the content ratio based on this information. This ratio is used to calculate the relevancy of the web page. The higher the ratio , the better the chances of the page being ranked higher

Domain Age Checker

The domain age checker tool gives us the age of any domain, The older domains get a preference in the Search Engine Rankings.

Google Dance

This tool allows you to predict if there are any changes that you can expect in your sites rankings in the near future. This tool basically compares your site's position in the different web servers being run by Google across the globe . The tool takes advantage of the fact that Google updates its servers with new ranking changes in stages . By monitoring the changes of the site's position in the different servers , you can see if there are any changes that are being reflected in one of the servers , thus knowing in advance of the changes that might potentially occur in your site.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is a key indicator of a website's relevance for the search engines. Getting good quality , relevant links form a lot of sites can help your site rank better in the search engines. The below mentioned tool helps you anayze your site's backlinks on the 3 main search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Keyword Density Analyzer

This tool helps you figure out the number of times certain keywords are being used on a webpage or a site. This is crucial as a very high keyword density on a webpage can be seen a spamming by the search engines and on the other side, a low keyword density will result in the webpages not being ranked well by the search engines.

Similar Content Checker

Search Engines are known to penalize sites that have duplicate content on their pages. The duplicate page checker helps one to find out the pages with the duplicate content and take corrective action by changing the content on the pages.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

One of the main aspects to note and understand is how the search engine spiders view our webpages. A lot of the content that is visible to us ( eg. Flash) is not visible to spiders while crawling the site . The below mentioned tool really helps to show how the spiders see our pages and all the hyperlinks that they crawl on our site.


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